Department of Persian, Arabic and Urdu
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PERSIAN: Established in 1881, the Persian Department offers courses in Persian at undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. levels. It also offers Certificate and Diploma courses in Modern Persian. So far, five Ph.D. degrees have been awarded in Persian. Its thrust areas are Classical and Modern Persian Language and Literature as well as Persian literature produced in India, especially in Gujarat.

ARABIC: The M.S. University of Baroda is the only University in Gujarat where facilities for Arabic teaching have been specially provided by the U.G.C. Arabic is taught here at Certificate, Diploma, F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A. (Minor) and Ph.D. Levels. Till date, two Ph.D. Degrees have been awarded in Arabic. The thrust areas of Arabic are Modern Arabic Language and Literature, Arabic Phonology and Arabic Literature produced in India. Modern Arabic is taught in Certificate and Diploma Courses.

URDU: Urdu which is one of the rich languages of our country is taught at F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A. (Minor), M.A. (Subsidiary) and Ph.D. levels. Till now, three Ph.D. Degrees have been awarded in Urdu. Its thrust areas are Modern Urdu Language and Literature, Criticism and Urdu Literature produced in Gujarat.

The teachers of the Department are actively engaged in teaching and research works in their respective subjects. They have authored many books and published a number of research articles in national and international journals of repute. Besides, they participate in national & international seminars and conferences and present papers at them.

The Department has organized a refresher course in Persian and Arabic, seminars on Persian, Arabic and Urdu and also arranged some lectures of prominent scholars of Persian, Arabic and Urdu in the past. In the recent past, too, it organized a Two-Day U.G.C. National Seminar on “Development of Persian, Arabic & Urdu in Gujarat” on 27th & 28th Feb., 2006.

In addition, it arranged a lecture by Prof. I.K. Burke of Calcutta University on “Bibliographical Study of Rubaiyat of Umar Khayyam in Bengal” under Extramural Lecture Programme on 04/01/06.

It also invited Prof. A.Q. Jafari of Allahabad University to deliver two extramural lectures on “Ramayan in Persian – A Critical Introduction” and “Early Iranians’ contribution to Arabic Prose” on 06/10/09. The lectures were presided over by Prof. P.J. Patel, Ex-Vice-Chancellor, S.P. University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand.

Detailed Information : (Persian,Arabic & Urdu)
  1. Year of Establishment : 1881
  2. Courses Taught : (a) Persian: Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D. (b) Arabic: Certificate, Diploma, F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A.(Minor), Ph.D. (c) Urdu: F.Y.B.A. (Optional & Additional), S.Y.B.A.(Minor), M.A.(Subsidiary), Ph.D.
  3. Ph.D. Degrees Awarded : Ten (five in Persian, two in Arabic and three in Urdu)
  4. Seminar Organised : (a) U.G.C. National Seminar on "Indo-Persian Literature Produced in Gujarat" in 1981. (b) U.G.C. National Seminar on "India — The Land of Composite Culture in the Light of Persian, Arabic and Urdu" in 1989. (c) National Seminar on "Hindustan ki Jang-e-Azadi aur Qaumi Yakjehti men Urdu ka Hissah" in 1995. (d) U.G.C. National Seminar on "Development of Persian, Arabic and Urdu in Gujarat" in 2006.
  5. Refresher Courses Organised : A three-week U.G.C. refresher course in Persian and Arabic was organised in 1981.
  6. Lectures by Prominent Scholars : The Department arranged ten lectures (four on Persian, three on Arabic and three on Urdu)
  7. Felicitation Function Organised : The Department organised in collaboration with the Gujarat Urdu Academy, Gandhinagar, a felicitation function in which Prof. Waheed Ashraf — a renowned scholar of Persian & Urdu — was awarded the "Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar" in 2005.
  8. Publications and Research Activities in the Past :
    • Books authored: 15
    • Books translated: 03
    • Articles published: about 104
  9. Projects Undertaken & Completed : 04 (01 Major + 03 Minor)
  10. Present Research Activities : (a) All members of the Department are actively engaged in research work in their respective subjects. (b)All of them attend national & international seminars from time to time and present papers at them.
  11. National & International Conferences attended by the members of the Department: 04
  12. National & International Seminars Attended by the Members of the Department. : 54
  13. Refresher Courses & Workshops Attended by the Members of the Department. : 17
  14. Lectures delivered by the Members of the Department at Academic Functions : 06
  15. Participation in Literary & Cultural Programmes: Members of the Department Participated in 14 Literary & cultural programmes in various capacities.
  16. Participation in academic bodies as resource persons : 02
  17. Participation in Professional Development Programme : 01
  18. Membership in national and international academic bodies/associations: (a) International : 01 (b) National : 04
  19. Members of the Department appointed as examiners in other Universities : 04
  20. Members of Board of Studies of in other Universities : 02
  21. Ph.D. degree awarded to foreign student : One Iranian student was awarded Ph.D. degree in Persian in 1982.
  22. Foreign students studying in the Department (2009-2010) : 16
  23. Awards/Honours Received by the Members/Alumni of the Department : Dr. M. G. Qureshi — one of the alumni of the Department — was awarded the Certificate Of Honour (commonly known as President Award) in Persian for the Year 2002.
  24. Awards/Honours received by the ex-members of the Department : Prof. Waheed Ashraf – an ex-member of the Department - was awarded the Certificate of Honour (Commonly known as President Award) in Persian. He was also awarded the Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar in 2005.
  25. Strengths of the Department:
    • This is the only Department in the whole state of Gujarat
      that has Ph.D. facilities in all the three languages i.e. Persian, Arabic and Urdu.
    • Several alumni of the Department are working in various capacities in schools, colleges, universities as well as Government and private offices.
    • The Department offers Certificate and Diploma courses in Modern Persian which are joined by students of Archaeology History, Faculty of Fine Arts and others.
    • The Department also offers Certificate and Diploma Courses in Modern Arabic which are joined by those desirous of going to the Middle East, students of History and others.
    • Foreign students from Sudan, Jordan, Iraq etc. also join the courses run by the Department.
  26. Library Facility: The Department has a departmental library, which was established in Feb. 2005.
  27. Major Equipments: The Department has four computers, one printer, one projector and one tape recorder
  28. Number of Teaching Posts: 06
  29. Number of Vacant Posts: 03 in Persian(01 Professor +02 Lecturers)