Department of Economics
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About Department

Established in 1949, the Department of Economics was honored with the establishment of the I.P.C.L. Centre for Studies in National and International Industrial Development in 1977 from the endowment fund of Rs.6/- lakhs. The Department of Economics was recognized for Special Assistance Programme for the first time in 1985. The first phase was for the period 1st April 1986 to 31st March 1990. Professor V.N. Kothari was Co-ordinator of the programme. The second phase was granted by the UGC for the period 1st April 1990 to March 1995 under the Co-ordinatorship of Professor V.N. Kothari in the light of the academic progress of the Department. The period of one year from 1st April, 1995 to 31st March 1996 was spillover year lying in between the completion of IInd phase and commencement of the IIIrd phase. The Department successfully completed the third phase during 1st April 1996 to 31st March 2001 under the Co-ordinatorship of Professor Maya Shah. The Department was granted Continuation of third phase for the period 1st April 2002 to 31st March 2007 uner the Co-ordinatorship of Professor Maya Shah, Dy. Co-ordinator Professor B.S. kantawala. Professor Maya Shah resigned from the Co-ordinatorship from 31st August 2003 and from services on 1st February 2003. The Planning Commissions Centre for Research in Planning and Development was established in April 1995 from the endowment fund of Rs.30/- lakhs. The Department received a grant of Rs.5/- lakhs from Canara Bank to purchase books and journals on money and finance. The UGC has accepted the recommendations of the Expert Committee for ASIHSS Programme and approved ASIHSS programme and provide the financial assistance to the department of Economics for a period of five years i.e. from 1-4-2005 to 31-3-2010. Non-Recurring Rs. 31 lakhs, Recurring 14 lakhs and One Project Fellow has been approved.