Structure of the University
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His Highness the Maharaja of Baroda is the Chancellor of the University. The Vice-Chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the University and is to be assisted in his work by Pro-Vice Chancellor or a Rector. The Senate is the supreme governing body and authority of the University and the Syndicate, its executive authority. Among the other authorities of the University is the counsil of Post-gratuate Studies and Research which has to deal with all matters relating to instruction, training and research in the various subjects taught in the University. The other authorities of the University are the Faculties and the Boards of Studies thereunder, which are principally responsible for making recommendations in the matter of the course of studies, textbooks and generally on academic matters. The Act deals with the residence of the students and lays down that all students of the University should reside in the hostels of the University or under conditions laid down by the relevent Ordinances. Provision has also been made in the Act for the establishment of a Board of Extra-mural Studies, a studnets' Welfare Board, a Publications Board and such other Boards as may be prescribed by the Statutes. Besides the usual Faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Technology(including Engineering), Law and Agrigulture, the University is autherised to institute new Faculties of Education and Psychology, Home Science, Fine Arts and Social Work.

All courses offerred by the University have English as the medium of instruction. However, the courses for specialization in Indian Languages have the the respective language as the medium of instruction. For Example, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with Gujarati/ Hindi/ Marathi /Sanskrit etc. is taught in the respective language.